Appreciative Interview Approach

How is this appreciative interview approach different in its impact on our relationship with each other compared to a “neutral” or a “critical’ interview? (please be specific, 200 to 350 words). What did I notice about verbal and non-verbal communication patterns during our interactions?  (please be specific, use terminology from chapters 7 and 8, 200 to 300 words)Look at figure 13.1., page 329, in your textbook. Reflect: Which connections do I see between the appreciative interview experience and the competencies in that model? (200 to 350 words) After responding to the question, set one goal for further skills development for yourself.You only need to complete the second material in the homework requirements. Named Reflection template appreciative interview.docx The homework requirements are in the file, including textbooks. The following link may help you.

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