Architecture Building Essay

Over the course of this class, I have learned not only the major components of both secular and sacred architecture but also how these architectural programs developed over time. In this assignment, I will ask you to look at a contemporary piece of architecture and describe how elements of its style, its purpose, its meaning, and its decorative designs draw upon visual elements and ideas discussed in class so far.

First, you will select a building in downtown bradenton Fl that i can physically visit before the due date of this paper and take a picture at. you will examine the exterior elements of the building.Normally, I would require that you visit the exterior AND interior of this building. I would still strongly recommend it but if you cannot go inside due to COVID restrictions, then at least visit the exterior of the building in person.

Take note of the formal elements of design such as the material in which the building was constructed, its style, its program of illustration (if applicable) and the visual tradition from which it draws. You will then, consulting online sources as necessary, discern the building’s function, its patron, and its architectural program. Choose wisely and focus on contemporary buildings that seem to be similar to structures we have covered in class. Ideally, you would visit the capital complex in downtown Tallahassee (or your current location) or a church, synagogue or mosque. These buildings are the ones most likely to resemble architectural styles covered in class this term.

You will then write a paper of at least 900 words in which you (1) first describe the formal elements of the building of your choice (a formal analysis), and (2) then compare them to elements of style seen in some of the civilizations. (3) Lastly, reflect on some of the ways in which meanings and visual qualities have stayed consistent over time. You will want to at least reference the lectures, external links included on Canvas, or other reliable sources you may find using Chicago Style footnotes.

When grading your paper, I will look for a well-organized introduction that states your thesis as well as controlled topic sentences at the beginning of each section. I will also make sure that you understand the continuous themes covered in class and convincingly apply them to a contemporary structure in terms of both meaning and style. I will also check for your inclusion of footnotes and appropriate use of sources.

Basic Requirements:

First page, top left, four lines: student name, class, date, and word count (this excludes footnotes and citations)
Word count: 900-1000 words; put your word count under your name
Title of your paper (first page, centered)
Format: 12-pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
Photo of yourself at your selected building included on last page. If you are unable to visit a location, please notify me as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute to write your paper.
You must footnote any sources that you consulted and format them according to the Chicago Manual of Style. You will have footnotes for this assignment.

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