Arguing on Anthropogenic Climate Change

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses arguing on anthropogenic climate change. Both geological and observational records indicate that the climate is changing. Specifically, Mathez indicates that the climate of the Earth is warming (4). This issue of climate change has now become a concern for most nations because of the associated negative effects. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA cites compelling evidence on rapidly changing climate including the declining Arctic sea ice, shrinking Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, and extreme events like increased rainfall and hurricanes. The organization collects this evidence from earth-orbiting satellites over many years. Borrowing from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, Harvey reports that with the current trend in climate change, global temperatures could rise by between 0.30C to 4.80C by end of the century. The seal levels could rise by 26cm to 82cm during the same period while the oceans become more acidified as a result of carbon dioxide absorption. This could lead to disrupted global precipitation distribution, forest fires, and ecological disruptions.Due to these negative effects, various efforts have been initiated to stop the further disruption of the environment. Importantly, understanding the exact causes of climate change would go a long way in providing lasting solutions to the problem. It has been widely argued that human activities contribute to climate change. According to Harvey, those activities involving the use of fossil fuels increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the resultant emissions. These emissions, particularly greenhouse gases trap more heat in the atmosphere and further deplete the ozone layer. In an effort to accurately determine the causes of climate change, there has arisen opposition against these arguments. Such arguments have scientific evidence against anthropogenic climate change and evidence for natural causes of climate change. This paper evaluates the arguments for and against anthropogenic climate change to give an evidence-based argument for anthropogenic climate change.

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