Argumentative-Analytical Essay on Identity

This paper is an academic or argumentative-analytical essay. This means that, in it, you need to argue an insightful idea by developing it clearly and cogently, using evidence and analysis of evidence. Your audience is a fairly intelligent reader who has read the work you are analyzing. Write a paper, at least 5 paragraphs and at least 4 pages but not more than 5 pages long, that presents and develops an interesting thesis examining ONE of the following concepts in ONE of the following works. Possible concept: cultural identity; racial identity; national identity; individual and society Possible work: Olaudah Equiano, Interesting Narrative; Frederick Douglass, Narrative; James Weldon Johnson, Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man Your thesis needs to answer the following question: what is the author/the text saying/implying about the concept? The thesis statement has to be insightful, well articulated, and significant. Requirements You should quote once from one scholarly, peer-reviewed critical essay. This means that you should Integrate a short passage from a critical essay into your own discussion, either because it makes an interesting point that fits very well into your argument, or because it makes an interesting point that you want to take a position on. Make sure you integrate the quote into one of your own paragraphs— do not devote a separate paragraph to the essay.

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