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You can find that play and paper on google. The paper will be about feminism. One of the sources that must be used are “the marriage trap” and “a dolls house” Argumentative Research Paper: When it comes to literature, one should remember that there can be many different opinions on the same literary work, character, and even the author’s writing style. When choosing a topic, anything can be argued from the use of literary devices to the writer’s realistic representation of social issues of the period. When thinking about the arguments, you should also analyze the relevancy and originality of your theme. For instance, during the past few years, more and more students tend to choose topics related to feminism or discrimination as these issues are widely discussed in modern society. Outline: The first paragraph of any essay is the introductory one. Nevertheless, many students are confused about what to include in this paragraph because it has to prepare the readers for the body paragraphs of the essay. When you are writing an argumentative essay in literature, it is clear that in the introductory paragraph, you have to mention the background of the literary work you will be discussing. It includes not only the name of the author and the very work but also short coverage of the main points of the text. In addition, you can also mention the writer’s biography and even peculiarities of his or her writing style. The last sentence of the introductory paragraph is your thesis. It states the main idea of the whole essay and should be precise and clear. Depending on the essay, you can use the next sentence templates to create your thesis: – ‘In his literary work A Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen argues that … ’ – ‘Therefore, on the examples of sonnet 67 and sonnet 78, it is evident that William Shakespeare uses flowers as symbols of love and innocence’. The next paragraphs are called the body paragraphs and contain the most important part of the whole essay. In this part, you will be presenting and supporting your argument. Each body paragraph talks about one idea relevant to your argument. Without a doubt, the number of such body paragraphs varies depending on the length of the essay. However, you should remember that you can only talk about one idea in one paragraph. Consequently, for the readers, it will be much easier to follow your ideas. As it was already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it is also recommended to introduce at least one counterargument and its rebuttal. As a rule, the counterarguments are discussed in the last paragraphs of the essay. If you lack space for a lengthy analysis of counterargument, you may join it with its rebuttal in one paragraph. Every body paragraph begins with a topic sentence, which, in other words, contains the main idea of the whole paragraph. Another hint for writing successful body paragraphs is including direct citations. Considering the fact that you are analyzing a literary work, quotes are especially important to support your argument. They do not only show that you are familiar with the original text but also demonstrate your profound understanding of author’s writing style and the hidden message. In addition, by using direct citations, you are proving that you understand all the literary theories and can find a variety of literary devices if it is required by the topic of your essay. However, the trick here lays in effective presentation of a quote. That is, in one sentence, you prepare the background for the upcoming direct citation. In the next sentence, you provide the very quote. Then, you discuss how this direct citation is relevant to the main idea of the paragraph and your argument. Subsequently, the readers will understand why you have used this particular quote in a particular paragraph. Finally, the last paragraph of your argumentative essay is the conclusion. The first sentence of your conclusion has to coincide with your thesis statement. That is, you highlight your argument using different words. In the next sentences, you have to mention the main ideas of every body paragraph briefly. As a result, you will have a chance to summarize the whole essay and remind the readers about its main point. In the last sentences, you may suggest some implications for future research or analysis that has to do with your work. An argumentative research essay will be 6-7 pages that treats a literary subject, author, or text. It has a minimum of 5 secondary sources and 1 primary source with in-text citation, and a Works Cited page. Two of the five sources MUST be academic. Secondary sources are the research of scholars or academics about our texts and their contexts. The primary source is the literary work, the story, play, or essay that you have selected from assigned class readings. Essays that analyze or explain some literary term or literary-historical subject are also acceptable. Please consult me about your topic before proceeding. Refer to Chapters 3 and Chapter 6 in your textbook.

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