Arrival by Denis Velleneuve

write an essay that analyzes the following film: Arrival (2016, Denis Velleneuve) In your analysis, determine if the film typifies contemporary Blockbuster practices, if it deviates from conventional Blockbuster practices, or if is a combination of both. When writing your essay, consider the film’s narrative structure, its visual and sonic styles, its “big”-ness, its “dumb”-ness, its universality, and how it compares to other films we’ve discussed this semester. No need to cover all of these subjects, merely the ones that you feel are most pertinent to analyzing your film. Your essay will also need to include a definition of what a contemporary Blockbuster is. This definition can come from any of the readings or the the in-class discussions. Quotes or summaries of readings should be cited, though a simple parenthetical—such as “(Wyatt, pg 103)” is sufficient. Please do not pad out your paper with block quotes. Below I attached readings that will make the writing easier. Essays are to be 8 in length. 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, double spaced.

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