Art and Technology


You may find this in discussion in UNIIT I of the text but you have probably thought about it since your read it and now you probably have some more opinions. “A great work of art remains meaningful.” Do you feel that art and technology are both important? However, they serve different purposes?

Now explain why you probably have thought about why we need both and why they are so different. (SLO 3)

Your discussion prompt is to write about the difference between art and technology and give examples of meaningful Fine Art.

Explain why some people think that a work of art that remains meaningful does not need to be changed and/or upgraded like a piece of technology such as a cell phone or your computer.

Give two examples of works of visual art or other Fine Arts that you feel have remained meaningful for many years and have not physically changed? Substantiate your answer with an explanation. as to why you selected your two examples.

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