Art History

for each artwork where you give as much information about the artwork as possible. (1 page per art piece)

Art piece
1.Antoine-Jean Baron Gros (born March 16, 1771—died June 26, 1835)
Napoleon Bonaparte Visiting the Plague-Stricken in Jaffa

2.Jules Elie Delaunay (born June 13, 1828 – died September 5, 1891)
The Plague in Rome

3.Michiel Sweerts (born September 29, 1618 – died June 4, 1664)
Plague in an Ancient City

Make sure to include information on:

-The SUBJECT MATTER of the artwork (what scene or story is depicted?)

-The STYLE of the artwork (is it from the Early Renaissance? The Impressionist period?)

-The HISTORY of the OBJECT (that is, why did the artist make it?)

-The HISTORICAL CONTEXT (what was going on in the period when the artwork was made?)

-The ARTIST’S BIOGRAPHY (use Oxford Art Online on the KCC Library Databases page for bios of artists)

-Any special TECHNIQUES that the artist used to make the artwork (What is it made from and how? Is it a fresco? An oil on canvas? Etc.)

-Were there any known INFLUENCES on the artist that inspired the artwork?

-What is the artwork about, that is, what is its MEANING?

-How does this artwork fit into the THEME or TOPIC of your exhibition?

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