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Five-Paragraph Essay RevisionThe final step in the writing process is to polish your draft to make a final revision. Make it shine by considering all you have learned about your topic, using credible sources and writing paragraphs that tie into your thesis and sound true to your voice. Remember to use Smarthinking if you need assistance.This week, you will complete a detailed revision of your Unit 3 argumentative essay submission by submitting a well-organized, error-free final version that considers all of the feedback you have received. Download the unit 5 template to help you complete this assignment.NOTE: You may submit either the fully completed template or use it as a guide, and submit only what you have included in the template.The final draft should include the following:Use feedback from your instructor, peers, and any other sources to revise and finish writing your 5-paragraph essay.Demonstrate your understanding of the final step of the writing process—revision.Submit your paper that includes all of the following:Title pageAbstract pageOpening paragraph with thesis statement3 body paragraphs that support your opinions/positions with source informationConclusion paragraphReferences page (citations must be provided, but only the attempt to do so will be graded)Be sure to address the following in your submission:APA formatting for the entire paper and the references listed (the paper should be double spaced, with 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, per APA guidelines)Use of at least 1 credible source to support your position on the topicUse of at least 1 example of each of the following:Quotation (include in-text citations in proper APA style)Paraphrasing (include in-text citations in proper APA style)Logical reasoning

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