Arts and Theory

This is a 4 part homework assignment I have uploaded files for parts 1&2 in part 1 the painting I do like is on page 13 and I don’t like the painting on page 16, for part 2 You should write a little bit about whether or not you think that your snapshot would be a good subject for a painting. No reference page is needed for this assignment because you have to place them at the end of each section. The name of the fountain is The Spirit of Freedom Fountain ( Part 1)The art we are beginning to look at here is starting to stray from the classical tradition of re-creating life through realistic details. It is important to take pause and understand that even though the work looks unfinished, it still had merit. Let’s discuss some of the art we’ve seen in this Unit that we like, and what we don’t like. Post an image of something you don’t like, and then try and figure out what the artist was trying to do in what way. Then compare it to an artist or image you do like, and explain why your reaction to that was more positive. Remember to cite your image and utilize the new knowledge you have gained to support your reactions. (Part 2)Aside from the style of painting radically changing, the subject matter too is taking on a whole new meaning. These artists were painting modern scenes and they were no longer romanticizing the past. Yet today, so much of the population idealizes these images because now they do romanticize the past! But let’s stop and think about hard it must have been to create beautiful, valid art on everyday scenes. Wherever you are right now, take a look at your surroundings. Have a camera? Take a snapshot. Post it here, and let’s try and figure out how they could qualify as a proper subject matter for a painting! (Part 3)Discuss what is meant by observational learning. Describe how it differs from conditioning, but also how conditioning principles may be part of the observational learning process. Provide an example of observational learning in your own life (or the life of someone you know). Please choose an example that illustrates learning behavior that is positive or desirable. (Part 4)In today’s society, there is a lot of interest in understanding the relationship between exposure to violent media and subsequent aggressive behavior. Simply put, does exposure to violent media promote violence? Based on your review of this topic, what advice would you give to a parent of a young child regarding limiting exposure to violent media? Support your viewpoint with information from scholarly sources.

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