Arts Influencing History

power point presentation. 6slides Identify 3 works of art (Music, Art, Film, Video, Theatre, Dance) that were created after 1900 (this can include current works) that had a significant impact on historical/current events in an enduring way. (example: The play Angels in America strongly influenced AIDS awareness and public funding for research into the disease). Prepare and deliver a class presentation on these three works and how they influenced/are influencing history. Be sure to tell us the name of the work, the artist who created it and the date it was created or published. Tell exactly how these works impacted historical or current events. Be specific and provide proof of their impact through cited evidence. Provide examples (i.e., visuals, brief audio or video clips). All resources used in gathering information for your presentation should be clearly identified. Photos require a photo credit, but do not need to be on References page. All References should appear on an APA formatted References Page. Information in slides should have in-text citations where necessary

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