Asian Film Festival

Due: Wednesday N Film Festival Assignment November 4th at 5:30 p.m. (Pacific Time)   NOTE: If you do not live in the U.S., please email us by Thursday, October 22nd at 6 pm PST and we will make alternative arrangements.   NOTE: Each San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF) ticket only gives you 24-hour access to a feature or shorts program, so budget your time carefully.   For ALL sections of this assignment: ?     Provide specific evidence from the film(s) ?     Use timestamps when referring to specific moments ?     Use film analysis terminology when appropriate ?     Answer all parts of the question   Watch Grand Canal (Ma, 2013) and read the interview with the director: Watch the short. Then read or watch the interview. Then watch the short again. Imagine the short was feature-length (about 90 minutes). What might it gain and what might it lose from being longer? (150 – 200 words) What is an analytical question you would want to ask the filmmaker which was not asked? (25 – 50 words) What was an answer you found surprising or illuminating? Why? (25 – 50 words) Include a link to the interview you read or watched.   Watch August at Akiko’s (Yogi, 2018) Available on AMAZON: or Available on VIMEO: and read the interview with the director: Prepare a write-up of your feature based on your own experience and analysis of the film; the interview; and any outside research you do. (150 – 250 words) ?     For inspiration, look to other write-ups on the website (and other festivals like and ?     You may not want to read the write-ups for August at Akiko’s, since your write-up will need to be your own words and concept. ?     Some tips: ?     Give the reader some idea of what to expect from the film, without dragging out the whole storyline. ?     Highlight anything notable that isn’t plot-related – context, tone, form, previous work by the director, the stars, relevance, etc. ?     Have fun with the writing. play with voice, experiment, look up your favourite film critics and emulate, imagine this as an email, etc. ?     Because these aren’t film reviews but pieces to encourage attendance, channel someone in your life who wants to like films but also wants to know why they should like this film. Include a link to the interview you read or watched. Reflection on the Film Festival Write a paragraph answering: How does a film festival like the San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF) offer a different experience for filmmakers and audiences compared to other forms of media distribution, like multiplex theatres, Netflix, TV etc? (250 – 350 words) Your answer might include ?     Your personal observations about attending this festival ?     Content from class including lectures, panel discussions, etc. ?     Your readings on distribution, exhibition, and film festivals ?     A consideration of the festival website’s design and content ?     Insights from Q & As you viewed ?     Your answer does not need to cover all of the topics above and can include others as well, but it should be specific to your experience at this year’s SDAFF.

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