Attack of Berkeley

Explain the attack of Berkeley and/or Hume on one of the following:causationsubstanceprimary qualitiesidentityobjectsThen respond to the attack. You should explain a response by a defender of the concept you choose. It can be your own response, or you may say how Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, Locke, or another philosopher would reply. Then, if you choose another philosopher, say what you think, and explain why.Paper is to be at most 500 words. Quality is much more important than quantity, however! It should be clear and concise. Please don’t use needless words and metaphor or other figure of speech. The paper will be graded for each of these three dimensions: clarity, understanding and support. The paper should be clear, express the points with precision, and support what you say with reasons and arguments.Here are the videos to watch ! login informationUT EID : hp8658password: phi207051357729

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