Audible Book Review

Questions need to be answered for the 5 children books listed below. Listed below are links to the books so you hear the audible version.  Each book is maybe 3 minutes.  Answers need to be a paragraph each. 1.    Your overall impression or response to the book; in other words, what you might say about the book if you were discussing it with a friend; 2.     What makes the book a good example of the genre Picture Book?  Your reading assignments include criteria to use to evaluate each genre; how does this book fit, or not, the criteria that the online articles recommend as valuable for that genre? Reflect on and apply what you learned from your readings when you write your logs. 3.     Would you recommend this book? Why or why not? If you would recommend it, what types of young readers do you think would benefit from it most? Think about the articles on developmental stages in the assigned readings.   4.     Write a paragraph to compare and contrast the two types of picture books that you read.

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