Authenticity in Tourism

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Authenticity in Tourism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The purposes of this behavior are to satisfy the needs of their customers (Leibsohn, 2012).Authenticity is a modern value and it emerged as a result of the social existence of mankind, and the development of the concept of individualism. This has made people substitute their real values, with fake values, believes and culture. This is in the name of making money and therefore earning a living. This paper is based on the assumption that tourism destroys authenticity (Ubani, 2012). This is because tourism leads to the notion of commercialization of culture. Commercialization of culture refers to the conversion of cultural values in monetary terms.On this basis, to earn more money, businessmen stage-manages certain cultural values for purposes of satisfying the expectations of tourists (Wang, 1999). This, therefore, erodes the notion of authenticity for the purposes of making profits. On this basis, tourists do not get the real information/ cultural value they were looking for. Instead, they are able to experience cultural values that are stage-managed and not authentic.However, some of these assumptions are not true. For instance, one assumption denotes that tourism leads to the development of a fake cultural identity. This is not true as experienced by tourists who visited Papua New Guinea. For instance, the Huli men of Papua New Guinea have a method of adorning their bodies, which is a tradition of many years. This tradition attracts numerous tourists because they feel that this act is authentic, original and unspoiled (Leslie, 2012). Another example involves the development of the Maltese festival season, whose main aim is to unite the Maltese people through drama.On this basis, the festivals create a sense of community collaboration, as a result benefiting the natives of the country. These festivals usually attract thousands of tourists, whose main aim is to experience the authenticity of these celebrations.&nbsp.

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