Awareness to Hazardous Alcohol Consumption

Develop a social media campaign to bring awareness to hazardous alcohol consumption and/or alcohol abuse among a determined target population(18-25yr old on Facebook).Define the problem among the target population Research and gather data and statistics on alcohol use among the target population Identify evidence-based practices used for the target population Identify a social media platform for the campaign (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc) and describe the rationale for the platform Develop health promotional strategies targeted for the population Describe how you plan to monitor the success of your campaign.References: Start withthe learning resources in the classroom. Locate 7-10 journal articles or book chapters related to your special population. Use only scholarly, objective sources for your project. Peer-reviewed articles found in the UMUC Library databases are generally good sources. Web-based information such as Wikipedia and and popular news outlets such as Time or Newsweek are NOT acceptable sources for this project. If you are unclear as to whether a source is acceptable, contact the instructor or visit the UMUC Library’s page on locating and evaluating scholarly articles: APA format and citation style ( 1500-2000 words Separate title pageand reference list 12 point font Numbered pages 1″ margins Double spaced

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