Because of Winnie Dixie

Using the book Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo please answer ALL 7 questions:  Answer each question in paragraph form and using examples from the book.  I. Questions About Abandonment In what ways does Opal’s feeling of being abandoned shape her character and/or guide her actions? II. Questions About Compassion and Forgiveness Which characters inspired Opal to show compassion for others? Which characters show compassion for Opal, and how? III. Questions About Isolation Have Opal and the preacher stopped missing her mom at the end of the novel, or have they simply learned to live with their isolation? IV. Questions About Communication How does Winn-Dixie communicate to others that he actually cares about them? V. Questions About Family Why would accepting his wife’s absence change the preacher’s attitude towards Opal? What’s the magic ingredient? VI. Questions About Courage In what ways did Opal show bravery throughout the book? What about Miss Franny? Amanda? The preacher? VII. Questions About Love Was Winn-Dixie the only one who could make a difference in the lives of the characters? Without him, could Opal have had the same effect by herself?

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