Benefits and Challenges of Assimilation

America is often referred to as “the melting pot.,” a metaphor for assimilation. Define assimilation and explain the benefits and challenges of assimilating into another culture? Respond in a 600-word essay, using MLA format, text readings, and two outside sources to support your points.Source 1: Hirschberg textbook Amparo B. Ojeda’s “Growing up American: Doing the Right Thing” (p. 234) Stephen Chapman’s “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” (pg. 256) Piers Hernu’s “Norway’s Ideal Prison” (pg. 264) Poranee Natadecha Sponsel “Individualism as an American Cultural Value” (pg. 272) Elizabeth W. and Robert A. Fernea’s “A Look Behind the Veil” (pg. 280) Gustavo Perez Firmat “This Must Be The Place” (pg. 250)

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