Benefits of Recycling

First, using your course resources on finding sources, locate at least 5 scholarly sources that represent positions on your topic. This source selection should be guided by your research question. Next, read and annotate (take notes, highlight, underline, pose questions, respond) to your sources.  Your goal is to ensure you understand the source’s main points. Then, reference the book, article, or document using APA style citation and begin writing your annotations. How to Annotate: Write two paragraphs of annotations for EACH SOURCE. The information included in each paragraph should be as follows: Paragraph 1 (THEY SAY): completely and respectfully summarize the source. What argument is being made? What evidence is given in support of the argument? Be detailed and specific. What strategies does the author use to make her/his argument? Paragraph 2 (I SAY): Is the author credible?  How or why?  (Think about why the source deserves to have a voice in your paper or how it complements your research.)  Do you agree or disagree with the argument? Why? (Think about what is convincing about it, what flaws exist in it, how it influences you, etc.) 

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