Biblical Characteristic

You will submit a paper of approximately 1,000 words that addresses the following discussion points:

Select one Biblical/Christian characteristic (from the list) you feel you would like to work on over the course of upper division nursing courses. Have the topic approved by your instructor. Then answer the following questions, (which become your sub-headings) and submit the completed paper. See the Grading Rubric to be found after the Character Qualities sections of the syllabus below.

Include a description of the Biblical characteristic you wish to work on during the nursing program. Also describe the alternate to the Biblical characteristic (found with the characteristic).

Why did you select this character quality?

What do you plan to do to develop this character quality?

What are the potential obstacles you perceive might hinder or prevent you from developing this character quality?  What will you do to overcome these obstacles?

How do you perceive you will judge/measure whether you are developing this character quality?

How do you perceive this Biblical characteristicwill assist you in your role as a nurse?

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