Bilingual Education

The essay should be approximately eight pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point font. References and citations should be in accordance with MLA standards.  TOPIC: ******The impact of parental attitudes towards bilingual education on ELL (English Language Learners ) success. This could involve parents in favor of or against bilingual education.  Comparing between families that welcome bilingualism and families that prefer a monolingual household and why.  How do these attitudes impact the education of other students within the Bilingual education system. ***   OTHER ideas can be incorporated within this theme as long as it is cohesive and tied with the main ideas provided.   ****The number of references used will be in accordance with the needs of the topic.  Please use official references or resources such as scholarly journals, conference papers, books or any source that are peer-reviewed. Websites can be used if they are deemed reputable. (those usually ending in gov or edu)

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