Bill of Rights offers People Protection against Government Intrusions.

The Bill of Rights offers people protection against government intrusions, identify which Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects us against searches. What are the key points? Now take a look at the facts below and answer the questions.Law enforcement officers have a search warrant to search a house for heroin and to search the person of  the house owners’ 18-year-old daughter. When the officers arrive at the house to execute the warrant, the following persons are present:a. the owners;b. their 18-year-old daughter;c. their 15-year-old son, who appears extremely nervous;d. the daughter’s boyfriend, who the officers recognize as a local gang member who is   known to carry a knife; ande. an unidentified elderly couple.To what extent may the officers search or detain each person present? Is there any case or rule that governs any(all) of these?What is the difference between a search and a detention?

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