Bio-psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience

For this assignment, you will be asked to summarize the Belfi, Karlan, and Tranel (2018) study. This article is available through Electronic Reserves. Your assignment involves creating a 2-page double-spaced summary of this article that explains the introduction to the study, the methods the researchers used, the results they found, and a summary of the meaning of these findings. Your summary should be written in APA format and include an APA style citation of the journal article on a separate reference page. Spelling and grammatical construction will also be part of your grade. To attain full credit for this assignment, please check out the rubric that is attached. Additionally, check out my attached summary of a recent neuroscience article to help you get a sense of what I am looking for.  Please upload a word document to this folder on Blackboard. **Please note that your assignment will be submitted through SafeAssign. If you use too many words from the original article, you will be penalized. The point of this assignment is to summarize the original articles in your own words. When in doubt, be sure to use a citation!**  1. Read the rubric – I gave very detailed feedback in the rubrics. Please look at them, as I spent a lot of time grading and giving individualized feedback on things that could be improved upon. Additionally, by looking at the rubric, you will see if there are things you did not do in your 1st summary that you should do for the second summary. 2. Read my example summary – Many of you put your own spin on the article summary, which is usually good; however, my example should have shown you exactly how I wanted things to be formatted. It also includes all the relevant points (e.g. hypotheses, methods section, limitations, and future directions). 3. APA format – It appears as though many of you do not understand proper APA citation formation. I took off very few points for this. On the next assignment, I will not be as lenient. Please refer to this website ( for how to properly create an in-text citation or a references list. 4. Page Numbers – Please be sure your paper has a header with your name, the date, and page numbers. 5. Future Directions – Many of you did not include future directions of study in your discussion section. Please be sure to do this for the next assignment. 6. Grammar/Proofreading – I saw a lot of grammatical errors throughout these assignments (e.g. improper use of semi colons, subject/verb disagreement, using words incorrectly). Some of these things can be caught by proofreading. However, if you have specific questions about grammar, please consult the internet or ask me. 7. Using less quotations – Many of you cited quotations directly from the article. While that is usually acceptable, the point of this assignment is to summarize the article in your own words. If you use direct quotes from the original article, it’s hard for me to know whether you understand what the author is saying. Please limit your use of direct quotes. 8. No opinions/I statements – This is considered to be a “formal” writing assignment. As such, you should not insert any of your own opinions or include any “I” statements. Please consult my example if you are confused about this. If there is something you believe should be addressed in future studies, that is not written about in the article, you could say, “Future work might examine the role of the mPFC in music with lyrics versus instrumental music to better understand the role of this brain area and its association with music.”

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