Biological Standpoint in the United States

Sandra Cisnero’s House on Mango Street germinates from her position as a double minority: Both a woman and Chicana. Explain how or why traditional interpretations of Mexican-American women negatively affects their current circumstances and/or perceptions from a political, economic, or biological standpoint in the United States and how that issue can be addressed and/or solved. Choose one idea and defend it with reasons, examples, details, chains of logic, the primary text, and academic secondary sources. Cite the latter two types of evidence appropriately in-text.     Content—Do not stray from the question. Your answer should be your thesis statement, and you must support your claims throughout your writing. Structure—Do not submit a solid piece of text without indentations, paragraphs breaks, etc. You must guide your readers with a traditional essay exam format. Style/Tone—Do not use a conversational tone or language. Use a formal style and the third person narrative. Editing—Be as clear and concise as possible. MLA—Cite your secondaries properly to ensure that plagiarism is never suspected.    Select ONE prompt from the list below. Address it effectively with a specific thesis statement and ample academic evidence to support your claims in at least 500 words. Non-academic sources are not acceptable. The use of at least three secondary sources is required, and they must be cited correctly in-text throughout your answer. Thus, make sure you work quickly and accurately. A Work Cited page is required.

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