Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Your paper must contain the following sections:Introduction and background: Present your thesis statement and draw your reader’s attention. Provide an explanation of the theory or topic. Explain any necessary information related to your topic and lay the foundation for your argument.Supporting paragraph #1: State the argument, then introduce and discuss the supporting evidence. Include a concluding or summary sentence.Supporting paragraph #2: State the counter argument, then introduce and discuss the supporting evidence. Include a concluding or summary sentence.Stating your own position: Demonstrate you have thought critically about the topic and explain why you have sided with one of the above arguments.Conclusion: Explain why this topic is important and why your reader should care about it. Reiterate key points and summarize what information should be taken away.1300-1500 words (5% leniency), double spaced, 11-12 pt. font, Times New Roman or Arial, 1-inch margins Cover page with a Title, Date, Course, Supervisor/TM and your NamePage numbersIn-line citations and full bibliography required for each (see ‘Referencing’ below)APA formatting formal or semi-formal languageInclude a word count at the bottom of your document (citations but not full reference list can be included in your word count)Marks will be deducted if the requirements stated above are not met your paper will be graded according to the following criteria:Logical organization of material/good flow of writingEffectiveness of message/ability to intrigue a readerContent/use of quality evidenceAccuracy of information writing style/grammar/spellingUse of multiple appropriate and high-impact sourcesCorrect and full in-line APA citations and referencing here are the topics can be used:Infectious disease/emerging diseases/COVID-19Sexual health/STIsAntibiotic resistance/drug resistant diseasesChronic diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease)Obesity trends/type II diabetesPhysical activity/sedentary lifestylesHealthy weight/weight managementMental health/therapiesE-cigarettes/vapingLegalization of cannabisOpioid crisis/fentanylAddictive behaviour/novel treatmentsHealth from Indigenous perspectivesadditional recourses can be provided

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