Black Americans

Please write two full page essays for each questions below. 1. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Black Americans organized to challenge the effects of de jure segregation and the racial injustices brought forth by institutional racism in America. For this essay, identify three individuals of your choosing as highlighted by the textbook and discuss what they are best known for as well as their goals and accomplishments as leaders. With this, be sure to highlight the differences between these individuals in how they sought to remove the barriers established by white supremacy. Finally, what do these differences tell us about the wider struggle for civil rights? 2. While some Black Americans used political tools in their fight against the effects of institutional racism, others used art. The Harlem Renaissance, or New Negro movement as it was also known by its contemporaries, was a cultural movement that was crucial in establishing black identity. For this essay, identify and discuss three specific examples and the individual(s) associated with it as highlighted by the textbook in Chapter 7. How did these contributions impact both popular culture and the Black community at large? Completed exams must reflect a solid understanding of the questions posed. Each response should be doubled spaced with 12-point font and a minimum of one full page. Exams must be submitted via Cobra in the Dropbox

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