Black Lives Matter Movement

In a three-to-four-page essay, you will do the following:Introduce your topic in a way that includes statistics, definitions, and any important facts or information;making fine distinctions define the main controversy;define each of the perspectives (sides) of the controversy – and there may be more than two;create a central argument where you take a stand on the controversy; prepare a series of paragraphs that contain relevant information (specific evidence from your sources) that help you teach your reader about these perspectives and help to persuade them; include research from at least 3 articles from the BCC databases and from an internet search (all internet articles will need to be vetted against the media chart). Your articles should be a combination of bothlocations and not one or the other.cite all summaries, paraphrases, and direct quotes according to MLA style; and include a Works Cited page that adheres to MLA style.Three articles I chose that needs to be used as evidence and on the works cited page are:

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