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***The purpose of the assignment is to propose a specific solution to fix a specific problem affecting a specific social identity. The problem must be directly related to specific identity contingencies, stereotype threats, and their effects.***  ? 4 academic sources (Steele and 3 PBSC library database articles).  ? Annotations for every source on the works cited page. * use Steele’s terminology  Intro: **The assignment must begin with an introduction that: ? Hook ? Anecdote ? Context (critical background, history, definitions) ? Thesis statement that follows the CH 12 template**  Thesis: **The thesis/proposal statement must follow the template in CH 12:  A. Identify the group of people you hold accountable for implementing change.  B. Identify specific, actionable solution (using a verb that compels this group of people to take action) . C. Identify specific reasons (the exact contingencies, threats, and effects affecting the social identities your proposal focuses on)**  Body: Since the primary objective is to propose a solution to fix the problem.  ? Students may have one paragraph that continues to elaborate on the context or history of the problem.  ? Students must have a paragraph (or two) that explains the nature of the problem in order to explain why change is urgently needed:  ? Identify the exact identity contingencies, stereotype threats, and their effects.  ? Explain the exact identity contingencies, stereotype threats, and their effects.  Conclusion:  ? The conclusion paragraph must reiterate (rephrase) the thesis/proposal statement.  ? It must acknowledge opposing views on the issue.  ? It must appeal to readers by explaining why this issue should matter and what is at stake (win or lose). For Evidence:  ? All evidence must be framed so the connection to the thesis and claims is explicit and evident.  ? All evidence must be introduced.  ? All evidence must be elaborated on.  ? All evidence must be cited (if there is no page number, provide a paragraph number). ? All quoted evidence must be properly punctuated and formatted. This everything the professor wants for the essay. Also thank you for your time and help the articles will be uploaded.  ** Use the “Steeles” article throughout the whole essay **  **  I should not see any mention of a source until the 4th or 5th sentence of a body paragraph. ( Her words)**

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