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English 1102 – Digital Ethnography This project asks you to look deeply into the everyday digital spaces you inhabit without typically seeing critically. Our class discussions and readings will provide the theoretical and methodological backdrop for the project. COVID addendum: View the video posted to D2L MyCourses for more information, and then use Teams to chat with me. I will also open a Channel on Teams for general discussion with your peers on the topic. Chatting with me and your classmates is not optional, it will be counted toward part of your grade for the assignment. You will undertake your ethnographic observation in a digital space. These spaces can include: Twitch/YouTube/Tumblr communities, forums, subreddits, conversations around a hashtag, influencer communities etc. For this project, you will be an observer, so you do not need to interact with anyone if you are not already a member of the group. Take detailed notes as you observe. Please consider the ways in which the space itself affects the dynamic of the micro-community as well as the time you choose to observe. Be detailed in your field observations, but resist the urge to make immediate judgments, even if this is a space you know well. For this project, I’m asking for 4 full pages. You may elect to use your primary research, in the form of Field Notes, as the basis for the paper. However, you should find at least two secondary sources, and you will need to cite those sources using MLA format on your Works Cited page. I also ask that you submit a copy of your Field Notes before starting the essay. Please remember: Field notes, Works Cited, and other bibliographic information are assumed separate from your essay. Bibliographic information does not count toward the minimum of four pages of essay.

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