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A Blog Post using This Book:  Abidin, C. (2018). Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online. Emerald.  -Each entry should be around 500 words. At the end you should have written at least four blog posts for a total of 2,000 words. You are free to make some of the posts longer or shorter, but you must ensure that the overall word count is 2,000 words.  Basically 4 separate blog style essays of about 500 words each with their individual titles and in total should be 2000 words excluding the title.  -Also each 500 word post should have at least 5 references.  As a general suggestion, posts that simply summarise one chapter or one section of the book will be less compelling, and will receive lower marks, than posts that use the contents of (parts of) the book as a starting point to discuss some related issues or make an argument that is relevant to, but expands on, the book. Here is a non-exhaustive list of types of posts you could write in your blog:   • Discussion of how some arguments made in the book relate with existing theory and research in media and communication.  • Presentation of contemporary case studies illustrating some of the arguments made in the     book.  • Highlighting overlapping and/or diverging themes and arguments between two or more of the course books.  • Critical discussion of other authors’ reviews of the book, or of interviews by the author discussing the book.   ASSESMENT CRITERIA FOR THE BOOK DISCUSSION BLOG    –       Comprehensiveness and relevance in terms of coverage of material related to the book you have chosen –       Clarity and quality of writing  –       Judicious linking to, and commentary on, other online materials  –       Critical commentary on the book you have chosen and the materials to which you link  –       Creativity in the use of images, videos, and presentation of relevant case studies that speak to the themes discussed in the book  –       Accuracy in using citations and references: when using an external source (for instance, an image or a video), always make sure you cite it properly. You can do so by either using a standard reference or by providing a link to the original source. –       Usage of a variety of presentation formats (images, videos, links, GIFs, memes, and so forth) as well as text: while the text will convey the gist of your argument, blogs that are only textual fail to take advantage of some important stylistic features that blogging affords. EXAMPLES OF HIGH-QUALITY BLOGS WRITTEN BY PAST STUDENTS

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