Bombings in the United States

You will conduct a research on ONE of the below listed bomber events. Please select ONE case that most interests you. Oklahoma City bomber: Timothy McVeigh Unabomber: Theodore Kaczynski Atlanta Olympic and Abortion Clinic bomber: Eric Rudolph Mad Bomber: George Metesky Courthouse Bomber: Donny Love Boston Marathon Bombing- Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Then prepare a research paper (minimum four pages long) discussing the event. In your research paper please explain what exactly happened during the event, which police departments/agencies were involved. What was the motive, intent, types of devices used. Were there any witnesses, etc. ? What investigative steps were taken to apprehend the individuals? Where are they now- what was the outcome of the investigation and trial? This assignment should be double-spaced. Be sure to include a work cited (APA format) page as well as a web link/cite to the article you have read. Please use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure and cite your sources.

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