British Global Policies In this 2-3 page essay, I’d like you to consider Say Nothing. It is a gut-wrenching examination of The Troubles and those that participated in the violent religious and nationalist conflicts that lasted from the 1960s until the 1990s. The book centers on the disappearance of a young mother from her flat and the subsequent mystery of what happened to her. But, the larger issue under examination is what motivated the Provos and how the movement developed from student protests to, essentially, murder squads.  In your essay, please discuss the ways in which British global policies butted up against Irish republican aims. How did the British exert authority in Northern Ireland? What policies did they employ there and how did the Irish react? What were central tensions between the British, the Ulster Unionists and the Republicans?  A bibliography is not necessary for this unless you use additional sources. Please do carefully indicate page numbers when using direct quotes from the book.

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