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Provided is the first and second level plan of a two story building. The building is a sprinklered building. Based on the floor plan provided- (this needs to be worked out for both floors) Identify the occupancy classification of each area hatched ( you can assume a common occupancy for a single hatched color) Determine the occupant load for each of the hatched areas Determine how many exits are required from each area Show the route the occupants will take in an emergency to safely exit the building Determine the occupant load at each stair exit and the final occupant load at each exit to the outside at the lower level Determine how wide the stairs need to be for the occupant load that it will support What should be the minimum tread and risers Do the stair need to be accessible or not at the upper level? What should be the minimum width of the corridor based on occupant load What should be the maximum travel distance Do the corridors need to fire-rated and if so what should the fire-rating be? What is the minimum door widths required based on occupant load?

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