Bullying in International Schools

The Critical Assignment for this course and must be passed at an acceptable rate (80% or above) in order to pass the course. You will take what you have learned throughout the term to compose a research-supported paper that: Identifies a problem in the current American school system; Compares different school systems (globally); Identifies theories that support the identified problem, and Articulates best practices and proposes a solution to the issue presented. Unlike the Op-Ed paper, this paper should be written in a formal, professional (APA-style) manner, with a clear thesis, statistical support, and clear academic voice. This paper will be presented in a template (provided by the instructor and attached here) that will prepare the student for submitting essays for publication in professional journals. One would expect to see statistics/citations in every paragraph of an academic report of this nature and no personal pronouns (no I, you, your, we, us). This essay will be written over the last half of the course and be approximately 7-10 pages when completed. (NOTE: this length comes out to approximately 3 pages when using the provided template; this template is not required, but students who wish to practice formatting a paper for publications may use the template if they wish to practice this skill.)

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