Business Communication

The name of your organization and the unit.A narrowly defined purpose statement.The proposed solution to address the problem or opportunity.Please read the following to prepare for completing the activity.Bove?e, C. L., & Thill, J. V. (2018). Business communication today (14th ed.). Pearson.Chapter 15: Writing and Completing Reports and ProposalsLagerwerf, L., & Bossers, E. (2002). Assessing business proposals: Genre conventions and audience response in document design. (Links to an external site.) Journal of Business Communication, 39(4), 437-460.Films Media Group. (2007). Advanced sales techniques: Challenge no. 6: Writing a great proposal. (Links to an external site.) (1:51 minutes). This video is closed captioned.For this assignment, you are writing an ungraded draft of a formal proposal for your workplace which will be reviewed by your instructor. You have or will very soon receive feedback on an earlier draft from your classmates. You should use that feedback as you write this draft or your final draft next week. In this ungraded assignment, you will refine your thinking in order to draft a full proposal on something realistic that you can support with credible information for a specific audience and context.Your initial audience for this proposal is your immediate supervisor, but it’s entirely possible that your supervisor will forward the proposal up the chain of command and may also ask you to develop a presentation for the C-Suite if he or she thinks your plan is worthy of further consideration. (In fact, in Module 8 you will adapt your proposal for a persuasive presentation to the executives or to senior management).

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