Business Ethics Discussion Case

The case is “CASE 10.1: Changing Jobs and Changing Loyalties” in “Moral Issues in Business” by Shaw and YOU MUST USE RAWLS MORAL THEORY IN YOUR ARGUMENT This is a Case Study Research paper for Business Ethic class. These responses will be graded on clarity of argumentation (yes, these responses should be argumentative!) as well as your usage of the moral theories we have learned in the course. Merely mentioning a moral theory is not enough – so, for example, if you think that raising the minimum wage would be the correct course of action for utilitarian reasons, then you ought to proceed to give an argument why utilitarians in particular should agree with you. That is, you should argue not just that raising the minimum wage would be nice, or make people feel good, but that it would have the best consequences (this line of thinking will make sense when we cover what Utilitarianism is). Moreover you should be specific about what those consequences would be, and why they support the conclusion you claim they do. The purpose of the CSR is for you to get comfortable writing about moral issues, and using the theories we will learn in the class. You can think of them as a kind of preparation for the Research Paper and the Proposal for that paper. Notice: You cannot answer questions in the case. You just use those questions as a guide to write the paper. REMEMBER TO USE RAWLS MORAL THEORY IN YOUR ARGUMENT

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