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Hi, This UK Business Law assignment should be in a Report Format to an imaginary manager and should include the below listed points divided into two sections, Part 1 & Part 2. The report should be written in single space and Times New Roman font size 12. Referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is 3,000 (+ /- 10%) words, although there won’t be a penalty for exceeding the total word limit. It should be an informal report/paper (so rather brief and direct, informative) that addresses all the tasks in the assignment brief (all details attached as file). We are encouraged to use diagrams or tables to illustrate and reinforce our findings (this is not necessary although if it helps explain something you are very welcome to use such things). Any references to academic theory should be correctly cited and referenced in a bibliography at the end of the report. (Please do not copy and paste information).  Please let me know if you have a way of checking similarity. Plagiarism is a big thing here in the UK. If you don’t have access to similarity check, please send the document my way and I will run it through our academic check website.  Important: Please read the assessment grading criteria before attempting the assignment tasks, as it contains important information about how you should approach the assignment and how grading is applied in order for a pass to be achieved. I’ll be happy with a pass given the tight deadline.  *** The four ‘goals’ of this assignment are to:  Part 1 (goals 1,2,3): Scenario: “You have recently joined a law firm as legal Assistant and your manager asked you to prepare a “Law Handbook” which will help the new start-up companies to help on the legal system and about the key legislations that they are required to know for effectively running their businesses. This handbook must contain all salient legislation which a businessman must know and their impact due to non-fulfilment. ”  1.    Explain the basic nature of the legal system. 2.    Illustrate the potential impact of the law on a business. 3.    Examine the formation of different types of business organisations. Part 2 (goal 4): There are 3 case studies:  “You have to cover various legal problems affecting local businesses and suggest solutions for them.  The areas of law to be considered contain company Law (including insolvency and liquidation); contract Law (including termination of contract) and employment Law. The three cases which you need to cover in your legal handbook are given below. For each case, you need to apply and justify a legal solution to the problem” 4.    Recommend appropriate legal solutions to resolve areas of dispute *** Here are some textbooks relevant to the topic that have been given to us by the teacher:  Reading Text: ?       ADAMS, A. (2016) Business Law for Students. 9th ed. London: Pearson. ?       ANDREWS, N. (2011) Contract Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ?       ELLIOTT, C and QUINN, F. (2015). The English Legal System. 16th Ed. London: Pearson ?       HONEYBALL, S. (2016) Honeyball and Bowers Text to Employment Law. 14th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ?       MARSON, J and FERRIS, M. (2015) Business Law. 4th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.  Feel free to use online articles, research papers and generally information from legit websites that you can reference as academic sources. Thanks and if you have any questions please ask!

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