Business Law Case Scenario

explain the best solution for each. Include comments related to any ethical issues that arise. You should locate at least one scholarly source or one case that has been decided or is currently pending to support your answer. Scenario 1: Jurisdiction and Choice of Law. Three friends from Florida were going cross-country skiing in Michigan. Tonya, the first skier came to a stop sign on the trail, waved at her companions and stopped. Pat, the second to approach, was going too fast to stop, veered to the left and tripped over a log. Melanie, the third skier was going so fast she clipped Tonya’s skis, fell over Pat and slammed into a tree. Melanie broke bones in her right arm and leg, which required surgery to repair the injuries. Melanie filed a lawsuit against Tonya and Pat in a trial court in Florida, claiming that each of her friends was liable to her for their negligent skiing. A Michigan statute specifically stated that snow skiers assumed the risks associated with skiing. Florida law did not contain an assumption of the risk rule regarding skiing. The two defendants made a motion for summary judgment. Does Michigan or Florida law apply to this case? Explain Scenario 2: Constitution Tom Bundy, a student at P.S.50 Middle School learned he received a “D” in his math class, which meant he would have to attend summer school. Bundy posted on Twitter that his math teacher and the vice-principal should be killed. Bundy also posted a cartoon that showed the teacher’s head on a body that had been stabbed. Bundy’s mother instructed her son to remove the post, but he refused. The principal suspended Bundy for the last week of school and contacted the police. Determine whether Bundy’s statement and resulting actions by the school violate the First Amendment. Provide support your answer.

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