Business Model

Complete an individual business model canvas for The Warehouse Group. 1.Key Partners, Who are your most important partners? Which key resources do you acquire from your partners? Which key activities do your partners perform? 2. Key Activities What are the actions you perform every day to create and deliver your value proposition? 3.Key Resources What are the resources you need to create & deliver your value proposition? 4.Value Propositions What is the value you deliver to your customer? Which of your customer’s problems are you helping to solve? What is the customer need that your value proposition addresses? What is your promise to your customers? What are the products and services you create for your customers? 5. Customer Relationships What relationship does each customer segment expect you to establish and maintain? 6. Channels How does your value proposition reach your customer? Where can your customer buy or use your products or services? 7. Customer Segments For whom are you creating value? What are the customer segments that either pay, receive, or decide on your value proposition? 8.Cost Structure 9.Revenue streams

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