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It is a business report undergraduate level for the module business management. You will need at the end to find the title of the report an “eye-catching” one if possible. Also, you should use the theories I have included and described below as well as in the instructions pdf; I have linked files and websites on the company the report will be based on to help you get a better grasp. “Studious Digital Education is an exciting new UK-based EdTech start-up founded in 2018. You have been appointed to the leadership team responsible for business growth – with a key task being to identify and recommend opportunities for future expansion within or outside of the UK. You will need to familiarise yourself with all the company information provided in the ‘Studious- Business Case Resources’ docs (joined pls lmk if you can’t find them on I will resend them as they are CRUCIAL to the completion of this task).  STUDIOUS is a company that universities buy for students studying management (only one subject available at the moment) it is an online textbook that students can download on their phones using the app “RYZE”. It contains short lectures and quizzes to help students learn and support them. Studious’s current service is filming and editing video collections for universities who purchased the services, and the collections will be organized and posted on the App Ryze, which is available to students. Financial info are not available to us students see below: “To date, we offer collections which fall within the subjects of Management for management students. To date, the platform is being purchased by the University. I am afraid that I cannot disclose the financial information you request.  I can say the Universities can pre-purchase a collection for a fixed sum and make this available to all students or can licence the collection on a yearly basis and the cost is based on the number of students, so a price for 1-100 students a different price for 101-200 and so on.” Here are websites I believe will help you: Here is a copied text from the “instructions assignment brief” doc I joined: The main body of the report needs to include the following (taken from the assignment brief)  Introduction (approx. 100 words) – Provide a brief introduction to the report in terms of the context and what will be covered.  Situation Analysis SWOT (approx. 1,100 words)- in order to understand the current position of Studious and the business environment in which it operates, conduct a SWOT analysis identifying the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses in terms of its resources and capabilities, along with the opportunities and threats present in the external environment.  To establish the current state of the industry Studious falls within, conduct an industry analysis utilising Porter’s Five Competitive Forces framework and discuss the forces you consider to be ‘strong’ and the action the organisation needs to be taking in order to ‘manage’ the identified forces.  To ascertain Studious’ position in the market place, apply Porter’s Generic Strategy to consider its current competitive position. Does this position enable Studious to compete effectively given the nature of their available resources, and what options are there to move from the current position into a new competitive position?  Marketing & Growth Opportunities (approx. 1,100 words) What are the opportunities for strategic growth?  Use the Ansoff Matrix to evaluate and generate four potential growth options that could be pursued and considered:  market penetration – what opportunities are there to sell more to their current customers with its existing products or services?  Market development – what opportunities are there to sell its existing products or services to new customers?  Product development – anticipating changes in existing customer needs, what products or services need to be developed to meet those needs?  Diversification – what opportunities are there to enter into a completely new market or product area, outside of where Studious currently competes.  International growth PESTEL analysis- such as American or European universities that will buy studio: refer to PESTEL analysis – an excellent tool in which analyse a new country being considered for international growth Alongside the above and having clearly identified and profiled Studious current customer segment(s) and/or potential new customer segment(s), you need to plan how you will reach the identified segment(s) in order to generate the greatest customer value, do this through applying two aspects of the Marketing Mix (4Ps).  Conclude the report (approx. 200 words) – evaluate one of the growth opportunities (identified through your application of the Ansoff Matrix), using the SAFe (Suitability, Acceptability and Feasibility) criteria to justify persuasively your recommendation.

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