Business Report

Report Parts to Include: In addition to the pages of text (maximum five pages — the part you developed in the outline), your report must include the following elements: Title page Table of contents List of illustrations Executive summary Appendixes List of references Follow the guidelines in the textbook for formatting these parts of the report (see Chapter 11) and use APA format for your in-text citations and list of references (see Appendix A or OWL (Links to an external site.)).   Audience: Chief Operating Officer of the company that manufactures your product. Remember, in this scenario, you work for the same company as the COO, so you can expect that the COO has a high level of knowledge about the product. Therefore, it’s not necessary to describe the product in the report. You can, however, explain why specific characteristics of the product make it attractive to consumers in the country you’re arguing to expand into. You are expected to find the COO’s name for your company. The exact title may be slightly different (e.g., Vice President of Operations, Director of Operations), but you are looking for the highest ranking officer who handles operations for your company.

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