Business Strategy at Google

Write an article on Business Strategy at Google: The Leader as a Strategist. It needs to be at least 2000 words. According to Michael E. Porter, a strategy is the ability of the organization to make an informed decision about when, how and where to target the customers, set the desired objectives and facilitate resources and thereby make a difference between managers who think strategically for future prospects. Therefore anticipating these desired movements into the current decision-making process helps to set the stage in order to create a competitive advantage. Porter had referred to operational effectiveness as “performing similar activities better than rivals” and referred strategic positioning as activities performed by organization in a different way. Real strategy for an organization is to choose a different path in order to deliver a mix of activities and values. According to Porter, a strategy is about choices and not about what to do and what not. Thus it can be said that Strategy is all about combing the activities and Google has adopted a similar strategy which has made it the topmost search engine company across the globe. Business Strategy Target market Google has targeted both consumers and business enterprises or advertisers. Google searchable database favors big business houses and established merchants. Google deals with viral marketing and has been able to attract the attention of media for both paid and free promotions. Google has also targeted the software market. the search engine has let firms run the email calendar and other services in order to build in the offerings for the individuals (BBC News, 2006). Value proposition Google is a search engine and it derives its value proposition by delivering with all the important and necessary information that is needed by the target customers. Google value proposition is based on the concept of reaching people actively who are looking for information about the products and services online. Thus it becomes easier for a searcher to reach the concerned people who are looking exactly for the products or services that one is offering. Therefore the value to users and to the advertisers has aligned hence everybody wins, the advertisers and the users. And most important in Google when something is searched for, the ads are in the form of result that is meeting with the needs and wants of the customers. Positioning Google has positioned its products and services in the market and with its respective target market as a search engine which provides information about everything that the customer’s types in, which means that search with Google gets smarter and faster. One can share a document without having to cut and paste through Gmail contacts and use all the necessary services. Google defines itself as the “perfect search engine” as it tends to understands what a customer wants and gives back exactly the desired information (Google-a, n.d). Google earns most of the revenue from advertising and is one of the most visited sites on the internet. In order to produce user fees, the company has supplemented their searches which are free with a service named Google Answers. Google pays about three-quarter of its revenue who answers the question and keeps with it the other 25% of the fees. Fees start at a price of $2.50 and at an average point of $75 (Kotler, 2008, p.283).

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