California Native People

Paper to be AT LEAST 6 pages fully typed/double space, organized, citations, title page – Follow format presented in class – The paper’s grade will be based on the following criteria: Content: description and analysis; Language Competency: grammar, spelling, syntax, etc.; Seriousness with which the student viewed project. Dr. Deborah Miranda makes several points in the book Bad Indian.  She discusses parts of her life, what is taught in schools regarding California Native people and California Native history and experiences.  Your may chose from two topics. 1.   Write about what is taught about California Native people and what is closer to reality.  How does it affect both Native and non-Native people with the vast divide with what is taught and what the Native perspectives on the history include?  I understand this is broad, but it’s meant for you to explore these ideas. OR 2. What experiences were challenges for Deborah Miranda and other Native Californian people?  How did she address these challenges?  I understand this is broad, but it’s meant for you to explore these ideas. Please cite and utilize Bad Indian, course materials, lectures, films, etc. within your paper.  You may use scholarly materials outside of the class, however make sure you utilize course materials as your basis.  The assignment not only reviews your writing, but also needs to reflect that you are reading, listening, understanding and reflecting upon the course materials. Please use Chicago style endnotes

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