Cancer Registry

Imagine that you are a Cancer Registrar and you have been asked to teach others in your organization about your role and responsibilities. Prepare a PowerPoint slideshow that describes the role and various responsibilities of a Cancer Registrar.   Your presentation should be a minimum of 7 slides (including a Title slide and References slide) and address the following: The purpose of cancer registry. Responsibilities of a cancer registrar. Education needed for a cancer registrar’s role. Industry certifications for a cancer registrar. Include APA formatted citations for your references. Scoring Rubric: Module 05 Written Assignment – What’s Cancer Registry? Criteria Points Described the purpose of cancer registry. 5 Described the responsibilities of a cancer registrar. 8 Discussed education needed for cancer registrar’s role. 5 Discussed industry certifications for a cancer registrar. 5 Presentation has a minimum of 7 slides and is free of spelling and grammar errors. 2 Total 25

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