Canterbury Tales: Knight’s Tale

Final exam paper: Knight’s Tale Things to remember: Having a clear thesis statement. So far, everyone has been pretty good about this, but remember that you cannot get a passing grade for a paper without a clear thesis statement, so at the end of your intro make sure to make a claim about the poem, but a claim that needs to be proven based on discussion of the poem. 1. Suggestions to write about: theme of the Tale; what is the main message Chaucer or the speaker of the poem trying to say to their audience? ** I have included 2 short lectures of the professor discussing the tale. 2. Historical context; what specific historical elements are being commented on in the Tale? For example, what is the impact of not having a printing press in this society, and how does that impact play out in the Tale? 3. Relevance to modern times; why do we read and study this poem nowadays? Why is it important for us in the modern times? What elements or aspects of the Tales, or the society in which they take place, impact our modern world? And in what ways?

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