Capital Structure

1. Discussing all the required readings and find the key points that are relative to “capital structure”. Readings: How to Choose a Capital Structure: Navigating Debt EquityDecision (2005) Anil Shivdasani and Marc Zenner, 17(1). (Please find this article by yourself) Market Timing and Capital Structure, Baker And Wurgler, Journal of Finance 52(1), 2002 Growth Opportunities and the Choice of Leverage, Debt Maturity, and Covenants Billett, King, And Mauer, Journal of Finance 62(2), 2007 a) Discussing the required readings b) Briefly summarizing the key points in the reading c) Providing a critical evaluation of the reading, what aspects are related to the market efficiency d) Including the authors’ opinion of the readings and/or links to their personal experiences. e) Insights are drawn or that the readings have for corporate finance(in 2 or 3 sentences) Please use the outline uploaded in the file. 2. Find another article(additional) that are related to the capital structure, and do the same thing above.

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