Capitalism and Funding New Ideas

For this writing assignment, you will visit the Website(Links to an external site.)Imagine you are an investor looking for a new idea to fund. From the Kickstarter website, click on the link that says “explore” to see the various product categories. Pick a category that interests you and find a project that you would fund if you had money to invest.Now, write a 3-page paper using the following format as a guide:— Introduction: Explain what Kickstarter is and what purpose it is designed to serve within a free market economy.— Research and discuss the concept of the free market, and explain the key points of capitalism. (Karl Marx will be a critical theorist for this portion!)— Research and explain the United States’ economic system. Is the United States a purely capitalist economy? Or, is it something else?— Research and explain the role corporations play in the United States economy. How does the free market economy impact corporations and how do corporations impact the economy?— Conclude your paper by discussing your funding selection. Describe the specific project you would like to fund. What category is the project, product or service? What is the intended audience or consumer base for the project? What features make the product competitive in a capitalist economy?Your paper must be typed, double spaced, one inch margins, with 12 point Times New Roman font. The paper must be uploaded in Canvas as a .doc, .docx, .txt, or .pdf file. Word (.doc or .docx) is the preferred format; but, I will accept a text document (.txt) or and Adobe document (.pdf).It is absolutely CRITICAL that you cite all sources you used to research your funding idea.

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