Care Planning for Addictions

THIS IS A POWER POINT NINE (9) SLIDES 1 SLIDE IS COVER SLIDE 1 SLIDE REFERENCE SLIDE REFERENCES SHOULD BE WITHIN LAST 6 YEARS This presentation can be on ANY specific addiction (e.g., drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.). Investigate the best practices in care plans that addictions counselors use to successfully treat the specific addiction. These best practices should include counselor skills (minimum of 3 specific skills) and evaluation/treatment approaches (minimum of 3 specific approaches). Addiction Topic Slide telling us why the specific addiction topic was selected and the purpose of this presentation. Addiction Counselor Skills Slides (3 – one for each skill) telling us about the skill and why it is important/useful in evaluating and/or treating the specific addiction. Addiction Counseling Approaches Slides (3 – one for each approach) telling us about the history, effectiveness, and parameters for each evaluation/treatment approach. Because good presentations have few words on the slides, include a seperate Word document that contains the “notes pages” for the slides.  These notes pages will contain the same wording you would use if you were publicly presenting your presentation (at least 50 words for each content slide). 350 WORDS IN TOTAL for the word document.

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