Caribbean Society Overview

Question 1 1. . The media have played a significant role in ’perpetuating hegemony’. How has this resulted in cultural erasure in Caribbean Societies. 2. It has been established that we are now in the information age a. Explain the concept information age ( 3 mks) b. Explain two ways in which the information age has impacted each of the following in Caribbean Societies. a. The Political Process (16 mks )  b. The Business Sector APA Referencing 3mks. Total 30mks. Question 2 A. Explain the term Caribbean Integration (3mks) B. The first attempt at Caribbean Integration resulted in dissolution four years later. Trace the events which led to the dissolution. (6mks) C. The fact that we are operating in a globalised environment, explain three ways in which integration could be beneficial to the economies of Caribbean Countries. (9mks)D. Describe three factors that have been hindering the success of the integration process. ((9mks)

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