Case Study Assignments

To complete this assignment, follow the steps below: Read the case assigned for analysis. Answer the questions provided for the assignment. Respond to one other students’ answer. Case Study Assignment 3 The case to be analyzed in this assignment is “Geeks to the Rescue”. You can find the case on page 355 of the textbook. After reading the case please answer the following questions: Do you think a geek squad could work in highly socially sensitive areas like policing or protective services for families and children? Why? Why not? What do you think of the idea—now being championed in some government units-of putting large data sets up for analysis by anyone (inside or outside the organization) and offering prizes for the best solution? Do you think governments should resort to prize incentives to find solutions for public problems? Why? Why not? Do you think this data should be made available to everyone? Why? Why not? Research your local government and find out if they have a similar program to MODA. Has it been effective in resolving public issues? Explain. If you can not find anything in your local government expand your research to include other local governments throughout the US. The original answer to the case study questions should be around 500 words total. Please be coherent and avoid repetition. Keep your answers clear and to the point. The comments to your fellow students should be around 200 words each. These comments should discuss the answers, not the authors. They should add something to the discussion and/ or provide constructive criticism. Comments that simply agree with other students’ responses without an argument to back up the agreement will not be read or graded. Please include in-text citations and references in APA style. For this assignment, you can use the textbook a source of information. Other sources are encouraged.

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